The Early Plates Box Set

from Endor Recordings

The Early Plates is a special limited edition box set that includes the following releases from Endor Recordings:

Volume 1 – Wizbit “Capacitor”, Jow “One For Dave”, Jow “One For Dave (Shadowplay Remix)”, Dave Skywalker – “The Antiques Roadshow (Uplifting Mix)”, Dave Skywalker – “The Antiques Roadshow (Hard Mix)”, plus interactive content.
Volume 2 – Vibena “Wicked Atmospherics”, Vibena “Wicked Atmospherics (DnB Mix)”, Dave Skywalker “Rushing Pianos”, DJ Bustin “Raging Skank”, Wan Bushi “Bushi’s Dreamland”, plus interactive content.
Volume 3 – Bustin & Skampy “Need To Make A Sound”, DJ Deluxe “The Pulse”, Wizbit “Bubblegum”, Rough Tactics “Jungle Teknology”, Wan Bushi “Medieval Resurrection”, plus interactive content.
Volume 4 – FFF “Can I Share My House”, Electrux “Reactor”, Elecrux “Reactor (170BPM Mix)”, FIrefly “Whirlpool”, Dave Skywalker “Large Hardcore Music”, plus interactive content.
Volume 5 – Lee Van Corsa “LSD”, Coriolis “Gateways”, TripleXL “Dreamscape”, Firefly “NDE”, Dave Skywalker “The Threat”, plus interactive content.
Volume 7 – Candy Cutz “Feeling Yeah”, TripleXL “Dreamscape II”, Sparky “Love Like This (Hattrixx & Ad-vanc3d Remix)”, Dave Skywalker “You Are The One”, Candy Cutz “Feeling Yeah (Weyheyhey!! Remix)”, plus interactive content.

Please note Killerwhale X (Endor Recordings 6) is not included, as it was originally presented seperately in it’s own four-panel digipack. This box set includes Volumes 1-5, and Volume 7.

These are all presented on vinyl-style CDs in a six-pack full colour printed box, with the Endor Recordings main artwork on the front and a full index of all tracks on the back so you can quickly hunt down the track you’re after.

Finally, the box set comes with a free bonus Endor Recordings CD included. What’s on the CD? It’s a suprise!

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Endor Recordings Milton Keynes, UK

Welcome to Endor Recordings – a small label producing rave music from right across the spectrum – dubstep to deathcore, but focusing on that “rave” feel, featuring some of the best rave music released from established and up and coming producers and DJs. ... more

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